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Assessment at St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

As part of our vision at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School we aim to find the positives in all we do so that we are able to appreciate and celebrate successes and then make them even better.


Assessment without levels allows us to do this, therefore:-

  • Teachers at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School are assessing children all of the time, constantly considering how well they have understood their learning and what the next steps are.
  • Teachers use Achievement Statement Grids to assess reading, writing and maths.
  • Teachers talk to children about their next steps, so that they know the things they need to get better at.
  • Teachers update their assessments records for each child regularly and systematically.
  • Children's progress is discussed throughout the year with School Leaders .
  • Children's attainment and progress is shared with parents and carers at Parents Consultations.
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