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Teaching children to read and spell confidently

The children will learn the 44 sounds and the corresponding letter/letter groups using simple picture cards and rhymes to help them. The children learn to use Fred Talk to help them when reading (decoding) and writing (segmenting) words.

We use two simple activities: Fred Fingers to spell regular words and Red Rhythms for tricky words.

Fred Fingers

We teach children to spell using ‘Fred Fingers’: we say a word and then children pinch the sounds onto their fingers and write the word, sound by sound.

Red Rhythms

We teach tricky words with Red Rhythms. We say the tricky letters in a puzzled or annoyed voice and build the letter names up into a rhythm, for example, s-ai-d.

Children learn to spell new words and review past words every week, they practise spelling them with a partner.

How we teach your children to read and write

Every child deserves success right from the start. We know that the sooner children learn to read, the greater their success at school. This is why we put reading at the heart of what we do.

We use a teaching programme called Read Write Inc. Phonics to teach our children to read and write. Some children complete the programme in Year 1 and others in Year 2. Year 3 and 4 children who need extra support follow this programme too. The programme can be used to support children throughout their learning.

Reception and Key Stage 1 have a specific phonics time, daily. During Phonics time, we group children by their reading progress for 20 minutes a day. The children are then taugh the sound group that they need to pregress in their reading, All children are re-assessed every half-term so we can place them in the group where they’ll make the most progress. We provide extra daily one-to-one sessions for children who need a bit of a boost to keep up.

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